Old and mad

I’m 26 years old. Yep half way out of my 20s and staring at 30 in the eye. I embrace my age. It excites and terrifies me at the same time. So far life has been pretty good. My personal an my professional life have been good to me. I’ve gotten plenty of “praise” from coworkers, colleagues and managers about my work ethics. However, apparently, not everybody is happy to give a Millenial, like myself, recognition.

I recently read an article on fistfulloftalent.com about some body ranting about how they were tired of giving awards to the 20-somethings for being the “next big thing”. Tell us why you really mad?

I you graduated high school with Jesus, you’ve got 300+ years of experience in your respective field and you’re upset no one is praising your for what? being able to breathe and walk on your own? Tell us why you are really mad.

Technology is passing you by and you aren’t keeping up. Contrary to what you think we can do PRODUCTIVE work from out phones (I wrote this blog post from my BB). We can do it quicker and arguably better than you. We don’t need a ball and chain ( desk and desk chair) to complete our assignments. I understand you want to hold on to what YOU feel works best. I mean you’ve been doing it the your way, the old way, for a long long long Looooooonnngg time, you’re too old to change. Not open minded enough

crying face

I get it. I really do. However don’t get mad at us, the young folks, for taking your work and being able to do it in 2.0. Why not award 20 somethings for the work they’ve done in a short amount of time. Kill the Lil Kim mind frame…we don’t have to commend the people who did it before us evertime. I agree that sometimes the forefathers for whatever, don’t get nearly as much as attention as thet should. However, that’s no reason to fold your arms and pout like-dare I say- a CHILD!

There will always be something newer and better. If you don’t want to be pushed aside then get on the boat!

Go read his plea for attention blog here.


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