You’re too stupid to use social media

Yep I said it. Too stupid.

A common mistake that entrepreneurs make is they want to use social media only because everybody else is doing it. Like my mom would tell me “If everybody else jumped off a mountain, would you do it?” My answer: “No ma’am! That’s stupid”And it is.

Don’t start that twitter page because your competition has one. Hopefully they were just as dumb as you are and they started it without a plan.

They key to being smart about social media is planning! PLANNING! Puh-lan-ning! Write it down if you nee to. Social media isn’t for the faint of heart and it’s not for the stupid. An effective social media takes planning and CONTINUOUS effort! Don’t listen to that infomercial…u canNOT set it an forget it.

What you can do is plan in advance and make sure you have everything in place.

Social media campaigns provide a way for companies to be seen and heard. You want to build a sense of community. Sounds cheesy? Like an after school special? yeah you might be right but trust me it works. So do your homework, read some articles (CHECK BACK HERE)look at what other companies are doing and try it out for yourself.

Good luck Dummy!


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