Social media is a pain in the ass.

Do I really need social media? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been asked this question. So I’m going to save you the trouble and answer this once and for all…YES YOU NEED SOCIAL MEDIA!  If I could light that up and have a drumline form the words, I would!

Yes social media can be a pain in the ass. Especially for those who are introverts in real life. Talking to hundreds, maybe even thousands (if you’re really special) of strangers can be kinda scary. My advice…SUCK IT UP! If you own a business, looking for a job or looking for an old high school classmate, social media can be your best friend.

Before you start biting your nails and getting nervous about jumping on the bandwagon, let me give you a few pointers.

  1. Commit. Make sure that you will be able to commit TIME to social media. REGULARLY
  2. Start slow. Just because there are THOUSANDS of websites out there, doesn’t mean you have to be a part of every single one. Pick 2 or three at the most.
  3. Be honest. Don’t exaggerate to make yourself look better. Be who you are and no one else.
  4. Be SOCIAL. This should go without saying but, like my grandma says “Common sense aint always common.”

Over time, being a part of the social media community will get easier. You will learn different tips and tricks to make social media-dare I say it- fun. I could tell you a few tricks right now but since I’m new to, I’ll make you wait on it!


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