Facebook facts!

You ever heard the phrase “go where the money goes”? Whoever said that I’m sure they had Facebook in mind. Facebook is by far the most influential social media networking site we’ve seen. If you want to reach your potential customers and keep your existing customers happy, social media is your best tool.

Fortunately for us you beginners out here, someone has taken the time to write a cute list of the Top 10 proven strategies for using Facebook.

my personal advice that should’ve been numero uno? DON’T SELL! We’ve all seen it, we’ve all hated it. Dont be THAT person.

You can thank the good folks over at Mashable for the content. Source


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  1. Agreed! ‘Don’t Sell’ should definitely be towards the top of the list! Social media platforms are a place to engage, converse, and socialize, not constantly be inundated with product/service pitches. I think some of the best social media marketing campaigns rarely mention the product and instead promote a positive experience (that ties back to the brand without hard-selling the product).

    Brittany Morse
    Online Marketing Specialist | http://sproutsocial.com

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